Kristen Holmes

Hi there! My name is Kristen, and I am the owner of this website, Passionate for Health. Health is my passion! Jesus Christ, of course, is always my number one, and He is my health coach and ultimate Healer. He can be yours, too, if you accept Him into your heart!

For years, doctors gave me all sorts of labels. Starting at age 13 and continuing into my 20s, I was put on anti-depressants, then anti-anxiety medication… By early adulthood the effects started causing obvious physical damage. As an adult I tried to self treat new symptoms with alternative medicine. Clearly something was wrong, but the whole time I thought it was MY fault. The doctors who I trusted only gave me more pills. When those didn’t work, I tried to self treat. I felt confused, lost, and hopeless.

By 2014, I had put on 50 pounds in a year. ONE year. I was still just in my 20s! Allopathic doctors told me to “diet and exercise”…and gave me more medication. That year I was diagnosed with chronic illness (Lyme Disease) after seeking health through alternative naturopathic practitioners. By that point my thyroid was out of whack, all my hormones, and I was given all sorts of new labels… subclinical hypothyroidism, PCOS, you name it.

Finally, in 2020, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Jesus was the only one who told me none of these labels EVER belonged to me. So I returned them! I want you to know that whatever “diagnosis” you have, it is NOT yours. If it is not a gift from God, if a doctor decides to “curse” you with a label, do not own it! Is your diagnosis in the Word? No! His Word is full of promises of how LOVED we are. The Gospel is the ultimate love story! Give your “labels” back to Jesus and ask Him what He thinks. You are a person, a human, not a patient. You deserve to be understood. And I understand how it feels to be treated like a “chronic patient.” In order for healing to start, I really encourage you to not own your illness. Saying you “have” this diagnosis or you “are” this diagnosis is making it a part of your identity. Your identity is in Christ! You are His friend. You are God’s child!

The thing is, once the label comes off, the emotional side must be healed. The pain that comes with repeatedly not being heard. Being told “it’s all in your head.” The massive weight fluctuations, the repeated episodes of massive hair loss, all of this combined hurt and made me feel even worse. Physical issues hurt can make us lose our confidence. Did you know Jesus came to deliver us all from the curse of sin, sickness, and death? He came to heal us of our transgressions and bind our wounds! He cures us of an incurable condition: our need for love. He redeems us and gives us grace.

One last thing you may struggle with is wanting to get better. You have to want to be healed! Jesus asked the man on the mat if he wanted to be healed. Believe and you will be! Coming up with your WHY after you’ve spent so much of your life considered “sick” and under a curse of “death” may be the hardest part of your journey. Have hope! Jesus gives us new life in Him. He has taken me from being couch-bound in my 20s (most of my 20s was spent at home with chronic illness)… to being able to walk, to ride a bike again, to run a mile straight through, beating my record time by a long shot – at age 30! I was never able to run the whole mile in grade school. This is just an example of what He can do. You are never too old to get healthy!

I can take no responsibility for what He has done for me through grace and belief in Him alone, or the healing work He can do for others through me. He gets all the glory for ever and ever.

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